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Hey y'all, 

I was supposed to get a blog up and running with the goal of creating engaging content as any independent designer would want to do. This plan has, of course, been pushed aside and buried under more pressing matters for the longest time. In my mind, the blog has be a maiden effort taken on by myself before I could consider passing on the task to an intern/guest writer as I find the tone and language used equally important as the images of the brand. One that only I could set. Control freak much? Maybe. For months, I just didn't have the headspace for this endeavor that seemed so daunting.

Fast forward 20 months later, I find myself in one of life's biggest reroute from a monumental world catastrophe, where I literally came to a long pause in work and in life. 

As I gently lift my finger off the pause button 6 months into 2020, I mulled over the steps I should take to revive the brand or to simply wrap it up and call it a day to be a home baker or write my memoir. 

Amidst doubts and anxieties of what lies ahead with mini to major questions swirling in my head, I forged ahead to make the best of the situation we all find ourselves in. Slowly, I am defining my new normal in terms of a designer and brand owner. It is in these times I find, that we NEED art and beauty in our lives in all of their forms and expressions. 


And..... a LOT a LOT of cleansing is needed on our planet right now so bring on the ART in our lives be it drawing, playing or making music, sewing, cooking, or gardening. Art is life in itself. The escapism, giving of hope, and uplifting of spirit it gives us during times of crisis is not to be ignored. 

So, here we are. We march on. I breathed life into the label about 7 weeks ago, taking baby steps to post on Instagram and to update the online store AND the BLOG, yes, the BLOG, at last, gets the attention. The bottom line is to restart what I started and to put good use to my time in lockdown. The best advice to myself is to try, to start ugly, to falter, to launch my 'art' to unopened eyes and ears if I have to, and let nature do the rest. 

I want to take this moment to THANK my long-standing fans for your love, support, and good vibes. You ARE a gift and continuous inspiration. 

I have compiled a list of topics to write on and am very excited about them as they will be mini projects that are creative and artsy. I do hope you will log in to read them and enjoy them. 

I have gone on for a bit here....... This is what happens when you have been saving up thoughts for too long! I promise upcoming blogs will have less writing and more visuals.

The black and white self-portrait wearing Bisa dress is in solidarity with #womenempoweringwomen movement that is circulating the web. Let us show up for the countless of women without voices subjected to violence and abuse and sexism each day. Submit a selfie or self-portrait wearing one of Coffee&Covet's pieces for a potential blog post. DATELINE is 31ST AUGUST. Email your submissions to You may be rewarded for your efforts ; ) THANK YOU!


Stay safe. Stay cool. Stay chic. 











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  • TRICIA KIM: September 12, 2020

    Love it Sis! You are an awesome designer, writer, and bon vivant. You can succeed at anything you put your mind to!
    Keep on keepin’ on!

    Lots of love from Bali,

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