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Love, Lessons, & Looks In The Time Of Corona #4: Tricia Kim

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Tricia in her bedroom in Ashwarya Top in White. Jewelry pieces from Nagicia.


Name: Tricia Kim 

Star Sign: Libra 



When one travels for work up to 3 times a year at lengths, having a strong and friendly network of familiar faces help me navigate and experience a richer work-travel life. One such familiar face is Tricia.

I met Tricia in 2015 at a fashion event organized by a mutual friend and we became fast friends ever since. Originating from NYC, she made her way to Bali in 1997 and made her home in the coastal village of Pererenan, immersing and weaving her own Korean-American heritage into the Hindu-Javanese influences of Bali life filled with artisanal creativity and traditions. An insanely talented and prolific jewelry designer with originality and spirit, Tricia honed her craft with John Hardy, the renowned jeweler and Green School founder, before embarking on her own jewelry brand named Nagicia. Her work pays tribute to the Naga symbol (her astrological animal spirit) seen on her necklaces, bracelets and earrings aside from other Balinese flora and fauna symbols that continually inspire her work. In fact, she is called by the name, Naga, by many local friends and peers with whom she has long known ; )

Tricia in a much-loved leopard printed Viviana Maxi Caftan and her own jewelry at Sanur beach.


She balances her life synergistically with her jewelry work, charity work, active social Balibliss life of sunset drinks and dinner parties, her gardening and bringing up her teenage son, Zeru, as a single mum. We have FaceTimed and done chain support challenges during this no-travel period and still dream of traveling together to exotic far flung places when this is all over. Needless to say, I wear many of Nagicia's jewelry pieces, some of which are bespoke one-off pieces while she is a big fan of Coffee&Covet's collection and we have been known to trade for each other's things! ; ))

Night out with friends in Tish Top (sold out) 

CC: What is your new normal?

TL: My new normal on a day to day basis is not that different than before, as I worked from home before and continue to do so.  Going out involves adding a mask now, and enjoying less traffic around Bali.


CC: What does it mean for you?

TK: The changes I have enjoyed is being more friendly and getting to know my neighbours a bit better.  I have noticed everyone is kinder to each other.  Of course business in Bali has just about ground to a zero, so I have been working on my USA market and online sales.


CC: Any special motivational or inspirational things you do to get your day moving? 

TK: Yes, I am well into my gardening and have started an organic garden patch, and a new grassy area.  This means I am watering the garden twice a day.  I also led a FB group: 21 Days of Meditation by Deepak Chopra which was phenomenal and much needed at the time.  If I feel I am waking up with too many distracting thoughts, I will immediately listen to Deepak on Youtube and that will ground me for the whole day.


CC: How has your work evolved during this time? 

TK: I have been creating jewelry for the last 20 years for Nagicia and now have a new marketing team in Houston, Texas, helping me focus on key items that well represent my brand.  For all the one of a kind pieces I love to create and cannot seem to stop creating, I have moved all to an Etsy shop named TriciaKimBali.


CC: What are the pros and cons? Has the spanner in the works worked for you or against? Any job switch or career change or new hyphen job descriptions? 

TK: The Plus side:  I am enjoying the reset, which I hope everyone is going through, to evaluate what is truly important in life. Health, family and friends.  If you are a maker, really think through, how your materials are sourced, how it is made, and what benefits does it have for the producer and buyer, how does it affect our planet’s health?  Those are the things I am thinking more deeply about for my business, to become transparent with my sources, and be as green and eco as I can be. Leave no carbon footprint.


CC: Cook in/Food Delivery/Eat out? Any favourite dishes you have made? Local small food businesses you support?

TK: Bali has loads of yummy small businesses to support.  Since moving from Canggu to Sanur in January, I have discovered dozens of warung in my neighbourhood to support.  I have just started to get weekly organic veggie box delivered (Island organics).  I have been making dahl weekly which my son devours. Also pickling a lot of veggies and making kimchi. I have definitely learned a lot of new recipes: orange cake, cheesecake, etc. Just loving to learn making new dishes.


CC: What is your WFH(work from home/SH (stay home) uniform? 

TK: Oh haha!! In Bali your daytime can be your nighttime.  Anything comfortable!  Today I will be throwing out my raggy tee-shirts…I find it hard to throw things out so that is a huge step.


CC: Which is your favourite C&C item(s) to wear? 

TK: I LOVE all my C&C items, and recently have gone out for a birthday party wearing the one shoulder top and palazzo top in black (Tish Top and Datai pants) and a networking gathering in the low back dress (Mariko Dress)


CC: What is your wish for the post-pandemic world?

TK: My wish for the post-pandemic world is that we all come out of it understanding our true values….


CC: Do you want your old life back? And Why?

TK: Only miss the traveling, and I don’t want to be vaccinated, and I don’t want to wear masks!!


CC: Where will you go when you can travel across borders again? 

TK: I would like to visit friends in places I have never been to:  Tunisia and Egypt.  Of course seeing my family in the States, but hopefully they will come to Bali as they had planned to do in 2020!


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  • Lisa Mitchell : October 28, 2020

    I am a big fan of Nagicia jewellery by Tricia Kim. I wear my gold hoops daily and forget they are even there they are so comfortable. My favourite piece is my handmade tusk (not real) pendant in heavy silver which is most unusual.
    There are many more pieces I desire for future gifts.

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