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Love, Lessons & Looks In The Time Of Corona #2 : Haruna Ikeda

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Top: Haruna's new normal back home in Tokyo in a Coffee&Covet shirtdress. Bottom: Same dress in KL. She called this her PTA dress outfit, complete with a wig. HILARIOUS!


Name: Haruna Elizabeth Kujime Ikeda

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Age: 40

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Job Designation(s): Evaluation/Verification Executive, wife and mother to 2 kids, freelance Illustrator (her dream job)

IG: @867japan


Haruna first appeared at Coffee&Covet's booth at the MANZA (Malaysian Australia New Zeland Association) Christmas Charity Bazaar in 2015 and she changed both our lives in an instant. She bought a jumpsuit and some jewelry and we made small talk. Her face lit with joy on her discovery of Coffee&Covet while her demeanour was soft, so polite, and always smiling.

Haruna was in many ways, C&C's unofficial ambassador from introducing the label to her Japanese network, translating for friends while they shopped, to connecting me to Japan-based store buyers and travel writers. She kicked ass for Coffee&Covet! True to her word, she found her way to the showroom and visited often and regularly with her Japanese friends in tow right through to the last week before she returned to Tokyo in 2018. Being the unicorn that she is, she was always lively, eccentric, full of humour and COLOURFUL in her outfit and hair colour choices with a personality to match

It is always a sad occasion when a customer-friend leaves the country and it was especially so with Haruna's departure. I love how Haruna embraced her time and experience in Malaysia during the 6 years she and her family lived here. She ate local foods, befriended locals, traveled up and down the country and the region, wore different ethnic costumes, learned Bahasa, improved her English, and attended numerous cultural festivities. An inimitable immersive expatriate life lived in Haruna-style. 


The C&C jumpsuit that started the C&C love affair.


She put her artistic flair into good use when she created a character named 'Bolehmon' based on the Malaysian indigenous tapir to help raise funds for the Kumamoto earthquake in Kyushu, Japan in 2016. 


In another C&C jumpsuit for 'Kumamotoboleh' launch holding Bolehmon, her creation.



CC : What is your new normal? What does it mean for you?

HI : I go to work as usual. The only change is that I'm wearing a mask.


CC : Cook in/Food Delivery/Eat out? Any favourite dishes you have made? Local small food businesses you support?

HI : Sometimes I buy sushi and fried chicken and go home. Recently my favorite is to do Pan Mee takeout. (Now, that wins BIG brownie points with us Malaysians)

Pan Mee Japanese-style.


CC : Which is your favourite C&C item(s) to wear?

HI : There are so many that it is difficult to choose! 

In C&C Thila wrap dress.

In Fifi dress and bracelet

In C&C Fifi dress and bracelet.


CC : What is your wish for the post-pandemic world?

HI : I want to dress up and go on a date with my husband. Without a mask!


CC : Where will you go when you can fly again?

HI : To KL of course! and Coffee&Covet (Aaaaah love you right back! I want to go to Japan!)



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