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Music is Life : Coffee&Covet CovidMorbid Dance It Off Playlist

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In the early days of Covid lockdown, I found myself in isolation on another level. As good as I am at being an independent, never-bored single chick, this was some hard alone-ness experience that I was dealing with. So......

I started listening to music. A lot of music. Of all categories. And making playlists.

This playlist which I am sharing here, was the first one made during lockdown and the longest playlist I've compiled, clocking in at over 7 hours of music I know, and consider to have the best soul transporting, feet tapping, head bobbing, and booty shaking beats. My own personal GOAT dance hits from late 80's/90's hip hop to drum n bass to funk to pop and disco anthems. i would have my own dance-off in the living room, kitchen, from upstairs to downstairs, volume on high. First rate therapy right up there with deep breathing, a good night's sleep, a healthy diet, gardening. You get the drift. Some people sing. I dance. Whether you are on the brink of losing your mind or you just need to burn some major lockdown calories from consuming too many home-baked breads. 

If you do not live alone, get down in the privacy of your bedroom or before anyone wakes up in the morning. Dance like a bona fide America's Got Talent contestant  while doing housework. Start a zoom dance party perhaps.

Let me know what you think of the playlist down below in comments. Or share your favourite dance tunes. There's a bit of everything on this one for everyone. I am no DJ so don't expect the sequencing to flow seamlessly ; p 


Coffee&Covet CovidMorbid Dance It Off Playlist 


Some GIFs for inspiration : 0

Monica Geller geek dancin' via GIPHY


Missy Elliott workin' it via GIPHY


Leonardo Di Caprio creepin' out via GIPHY








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